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I hate preppy bitches.
Since when do they take summer classes?
I <3 fractals. So easy to doodle.
They make me think of Ethan tho.

I miss him too often. :(
I actually had a dream about him last night
It wasn’t even sexy. I just wanted him to come over & watch Dr. Who.
Jeans today. Dark wash. Not much better, sir.
I wonder if Colin would dress as #5 if I got the outfit. :P

I hate how boring this is.
I can’t even answer shit and look smart. >_>
Rain. Yay.
My windows are open.
Just stopped. hopfully not so wet seat.

Rain came back. FML.
Playing Harvest Moon would be more productive ATM.
Rain stopped again. I hear thunder tho. :(

yo mama is 2 times -3/2.
Can’t we use physics?
It’s so much more applicable than chem.

If I bang my head on the desk, will it be a giveaway that I’m trying to stay awake?
He’s going to hate me when the test comes.
It’s kinda creepy how similar Michael is to Ethan.
plz kill me. kthnxbai.

Sun’s back. Hopefully my seats dry in 35 min.
My brain is being lazy.
Are we getting out early? :D
Your face can’t work. What nao!

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(I know this doesn’t look good ATM, but it will….I hope.)
Hello Note Margin…We meet again. 
So glad I don’t have math on wednesday
Get to leave 4 Convergence early!!! :D
missing a test next thursday though.
Oh well.

HAHA black pants were a bad idea if you know you’re using a chalkboard. 
OMG why are you telling us things that we aren’t going to care about until next week!??!
What? An hour into class and you’re finally going to teach us something?

I’m on adderal and I’m falling asleep. -_-
I wish I had my old math teacher. She was awesome.
I hope Michael gets over his celibacy period soon. His sex is worth waiting for though. 

At least I have Colin and Dominic to get me through it.
mmm Dominic. I can’t wait to get my hands on that delicious piece of man meat. 
20 min! YAY!
I’m excited to see Colin though. Hope he understands when I tell him I love him.
Cuz I do. I sorta consider him my bf. I do consider him in romantic decisions. 
Fucking Shoulder.